The Faculty of Health Sciences and Technology was established when the Medical School of University of Nigeria was converted into the College of Medicine. In 1976, the Faculty Board of Medicine resolved that a College of Medicine be established. It was not until February 24, 1982 that the Senate gave its consent for the establishment of the College and University Council at its 118th meeting. On March 3rd, 1982 they approved that the College of Medicine be established.

The Federal Ministry of Education and the Federal Executive Council following the approval given by the NUC on March, 1982, gave their approval on June 9th and July 29th, 1982 respectively. The College of Medicine of the University of Nigeria formally became a reality with the signing of the University of Nigeria statute No. 2 by the then President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Alhaji Shehu Shagari, on December 3rd, 1982.

The College began with two faculties – the Faculty of Medical Sciences and Dentistry and the Faculty of Health Sciences and Technology.

The Faculty of Health Sciences and Technology which started with the Departments of Nursing Sciences, Medical Laboratory Sciences and Medical Radiography took its first set of students in the 1983/84 session, while Medical Rehabilitation took its first students in 1986/87 session. Health Administration and Management (the newest Department) had its first admission of students in 2004/2005 session. The Department of Health Administration and Management started with both the undergraduate and postgraduate programs, but is presently offering only Postgraduate programme.

Student population over years has risen from less than 100 to its present 2,130 undergraduate and 630 postgraduate students.